Volunteers Needed

Help Spencer keep its reputation of being one of the best overnight stops.

RAGBRAI will be coming to our town for an overnight stay on Sunday, July 23. Your help is needed to host the 20,000 people that will be visiting our community. Hundreds of volunteers will be needed to perform a variety of activities.

The Spencer RAGBRAI Committee is definitely on track to make RAGBRAI rider’s stay the best it can be, but your help is needed! Volunteers make the wheel go round at each RAGBRAI stop, and Spencer will be no exception. Even if you aren’t available to volunteer the day of the event, there are plenty of things to do on many of the committees leading up to “the big day.” Volunteers are so important to making the weekend a success, that there is even a committee set up just to organize them! From hosting a team or group of riders at your home, to helping welcome or say “Fair-well” to the riders as they leave town for Algona, or creating signs and counting T-shirt orders, there is something for everyone and every age level.

Please help be an ambassador of our community by volunteering to help out and be part of RAGBRAI. Decide which committee or committees best suit your interest and check the appropriate boxes. Please feel free to check as many as you want!

Please check the committees you are most interested serving on:

Please check the time(s) you are most interested in: