Our Vendors

Keeping your stomachs full throughout the day.

Food Vendors On the Clay County Fairgrounds
American Legion

Pulled pork, chips, drink

Clay County Cattlemen

Ribeye, hamburgers, beef hot dogs

Clay County Pork Producers

Pork chop meal

Dickens Cider & Candied Nut

Nuts, shirts, mugs

Dough Boys

Edible cookie dough

Karam's Grill (truck)

Shish kebab, gyros, baklava

Kiwanis Daybreakers

Hamburgers, fries, drink

Kiwanis Hy-Noon

Pasta bar, cookies

Los Primos Grill

Fajitas, burritos, smooties and more!

Made It Myself Shaved Ice

Shaved Ice

Oak Tree Bar-B-Que

Pork, porky nachos, sloppy joe, beans

Outside Scoop

Ice cream, floats

Pacific Rim Noodles

Wok fired veggies, noodles, shaved ice

Rally 4 Veterans

Bottled drinks: Water, Nature's Fury and raffle tickets


Gryos, gluten free, vegetarian options

Seaons Center

Popsicles & bottled water

Spencer Dream Center

Reubens, rachels, hamburger, cheeseburger. Bacon, sausage, egg and cheese croissant

Yummy Eats and Treats (Flywheel)

Ice Cream, donuts,wings, hog balls

Food Vendors Not on the Clay County Fairgrounds
First Congregational Church

Ham and/or beef dinner with cheesy potatoes, green beans and homemade pie.
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Gary's On The River

Pulled pork mac & cheese; pork, brisket or chicken sandwich, coofeehouse and winebar appetizers
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Grace United Methodist Church

Pulled pork sandwhich, donuts.
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Sacred Heart Parish

Spaghetti dinner
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The Prime Rib

Full menu items
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Non Food Vendors
Brancel Charters

At Sacred Heart

Tonik, Glassisum

Women's cycling clothing
On the Fairgrounds