Committee to host town meeting

May 22, 2017

Committee to host town meeting

The Spencer RAGBRAI Team is inviting the community to attend a town meeting at 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 23, at The Stables on the Clay County Fairgrounds. This will be the only town meeting conducted for the event.

"They're going to find out what exactly will be happening and beyond, ... there's going to be opportunities to volunteer, offer housing for the riders. It will be the first opportunity to see and purchase the Spencer RAGBRAI T-shirt. There will also be bike safety for the kids, the kids art contest will be judged, refreshments will be available. More than anything it's an informational meeting to let the residents of Spencer know what's going on July 23," Bill Campbell, Spencer RAGBRAI Advisory Board member said.

"It's a one stop shop for all the information you'll need regarding RAGBRAI," Kevin Brown, Spencer RAGBRAI executive committee chair, added.

During the meeting the Spencer RAGBRAI Committee will also outline the RAGBRAI route in and out of Spencer, and answer questions from community members.

Campbell and Brown explained that while members of the community have started to step up and volunteer for the event, many additional volunteers will be needed to host the event which will bring thousands of people into Spencer.

"The day of the event ... we'll need 500 (volunteers), 150 just for the beverage garden. (There's a need for) goodwill ambassadors that showcase the city of Spencer and tell our tale, people at the campground, (the) information center will need probably 50 volunteers, and that's the first place riders will go. There are many areas (that will need volunteers), whether it is sanitation, beverage garden, information center, hospitality. We have it broken down into shifts as well, they can do as much or as little as they want," Campbell said.

"I know a lot of people might be reluctant, but we have an orientation in the works, a training for all the volunteers, they're not just volunteering blindly," Brown said.

Campbell encouraged those who were on the fence to think about volunteering their time for the community, as it would be a rewarding experience.

"You can look with pride on your community. You're showcasing your community … to these … 20,000 people or more and what better opportunity do we have to showcase the Spencer spirit than to volunteer?" he asked.

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Source: Spencer Daily Reporter

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