The countdown to RAGBRAI is down to one month

June 23, 2017

The countdown to RAGBRAI is down to one month

Spencer RAGBRAI needs residents’ help in many different avenues, from welcoming to cleanup and everything in between, including hosting riders overnight. RAGBRAI is mainly a camping event, however, some riders prefer the comfort of a private home or yard for the night. With more than 15,000 riders expected to arrive in Spencer on Sunday, July 23, the Spencer RAGBRAI housing committee is looking for volunteers to provide various spaces to fill more than 230 rider requests.

What does hosting riders entail? Hosts are not required to transport or feed the riders. Hosts are only expected to provide a place for riders to sleep for the night. This space can be provided either inside or outside. Local housing volunteers are not required to entertain guests or provide them with amenities, though use of your restroom and shower would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, RAGBRAI riders utilizing local housing would have the option to place a portable restroom on the property. This would be obtained at the expense of the riders staying at the property.

Riders are expected to arrive in town starting early on Sunday, July 23, leaving Monday morning. You will receive the riders contact information prior to that day. All riders must be registered with RAGBRAI to request private housing.

For more information, or if you interested in hosting RAGBRAI riders while they overnight in Spencer, please visit The housing form can be found under the residents tab. The housing committee requests that forms be filled out by July 1 so that hosts and riders can begin being matched and contacts can be made.

If you have any questions about being a housing host for the 2017 Spencer RAGBRAI riders, please email

Keep up to date with Spencer RAGBRAI information. We encourage you to follow along with the process, and most importantly get involved! Please continue to watch the website, Facebook page and especially this column for specific requests and updates! Spencer has a reputation of being one of the best RAGBRAI stops and we want to make sure that as this year’s riders leave town they can’t wait to come back and visit, even if it’s not on two wheels.

Source: Spencer Daily Reporter

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