Time to Talk Food

April 21, 2017

Time to Talk Food

The food vendor committee is no small task; it is our job, with the help of our community, to help make sure the 15,000 RAGBRAI participants get fed! This is not a small job and we need the help of many nonprofit organizations and businesses.

One of our main goals for Spencer is for every participating nonprofit organization and business to make money on this event and we want the money to stay here in our community. For this to happen we will need help from many so we don't have to go outside our community. Part of the reason that RAGBRAI has picked Spencer is because they feel confident that our many nonprofit groups such as Boy Scouts, Jaycees, churches, and school groups, are prepared to take on the task of feeding riders.

All of the food vendors will be set in the grassy area south of the grandstand entrance. We want to make it convenient for the participants to find the food. We will work with all of the approved food vendors on selecting the best location. The food vending committee will provide a map of your location before July 23.

It will be up to each group to set their own prices. Our committee will be happy to assist you in making recommendations on prices. The RAGBRAI officials recommend that a cheaper price be charged to RAGBRAI participants with a wristband and any Spencer citizen wearing a “Kick Your Wheels Up!” shirt for food items. All registered RAGBRAI participants will have a wristband. Please list your prices on the application.

The food vendor committee wants this to be a great event for Spencer. The way this will happen is if every group comes together and works with the RAGBRAI committee. We believe everyone can win, but only if there is good communication and everyone works together. If you are looking to become a vendor, please start by filling out the vendor form available on the www.spencerragbrai.com website. The vendor fee will be a $350 fee for all nonprofit organizations and $850 fee for all for-profit businesses that want to be food vendors. This fee does include all electrical costs. If you have questions before applying, email the food vendor committee at vendors@spencerragbrai.com.

Want to learn more? We encourage you to follow along with the process, and most importantly get involved! Please continue to watch the website at www.spencerragbrai.com, Facebook page and especially this column for specific requests and updates. Spencer has a reputation of being one of the best RAGBRAI stops and we want to make sure that as this year’s riders leave town they can’t wait to come back and visit, even if it’s not on two wheels.

Source: Spencer Daily Reporter

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